Sunday, March 20, 2011

Insulation, poly completion thwarted!

Loft ceiling almost done.
I was hoping we would be finished the last bits of insulation and poly today. No such luck.

First, I slept in.

Second, Nigel called to say he couldn't make it.

Third, we found some lights that needed vapour boxes that didn't have them. The vapour boxes tie into the poly.

Fourth, I ran out of insulation for the loft ceiling!

 Fifth- there is not enough time in a day...

And I won't even get started on trying to get door handles on the exterior doors.

We made a huge dent though! Thanks to Matt, Eleanor, Leendert, Deana and Nadir for lending a hand!

Vapour box [blue thing] are required for
lights on exterior ceilings.

Some gaps still need work. I need to spray foam in large
gaps to the outside here.

Basement looking good!


  1. Shafraaz stupid question I know, but how do you get the insulation to stay in the ceiling before the poly goes on?

    I'm so sorry that your plans on Sunday didn't come to completion I was hoping that freeing you up just to be able to stay there would help. The basement is looking good though and I'm sure the rest of it is too.

  2. Hey Shafraaz, I'm really impressed with your foresight and out-of-the-box thinking with the heavy cast iron tub!! You must have immediately recognized that its large thermal mass would have the potential to assist with keeping the temperature stable in the house, much like your concrete floors :)!

  3. Thanks again Zoie for giving me some time to work~ the insulation stays in the ceiling because it is slightly larger in width than the spacing between the I-joists, so its a friction fit.

  4. Doug! Thanks for the complement! I have to say I always keep an eye out of stuff now. & I'm becoming a pack-rack like Serena.