Monday, March 28, 2011

The dust making machine. Or, how the concrete floor grinding happens!

The dust making maching. A.K.A. Concrete grinder.

The dust it leaves behind. Yikes.

This is what the concrete would look like
if we left it as is with an epoxy finish.

The epoxy will fill the voids and leave "character."

Lots of cracks, A.K.A. character.


  1. 'if' you leave it and epoxy? but it looks so good! how much to borrow the grinder?

  2. What looks so good Tyler? The cracked and pitted dismal grey cement that would spiral me into a deep depression?

    Lol, as you can see... poor Shafraaz has to contend with a wife who does not appreciate plain exposed concrete or that particular shade of grey.

    On the plus side, he got his raw/natural metal staircase untainted by paint!

  3. Sorry Tyler- the grinder was not rented or ours to lend out. We contracted this work to JAC.

  4. Well Serena, to be honest, the cracked and pitted look does appeal to me. Instantly, you're aware of what has gone into the work and what is happening. A whole story is right there... but, I also like when buildings fall down and cars rust, too.

    There are plenty of colouring options that can be sealed in with the epoxy, however, to avoid that dismal grey colour and put some warmth back in without losing the effect of the thermal mass.

    Thanks for letting the steel remain raw. That's definitely a plus! Tom Kundig houses are coming to mind, right now...

  5. Lol, well I *do* love a good story Tyler!

    We've had a few mock ups done on the floors and we're currently in the process of deciding on the treatments. Actually, I don't think the floor's character is much of an issue. My only concern was that enough filler (epoxy or whatever) fills in the cracks and crevices so that they don't become little dirt havens! Now *that* really would drive me to distraction, lol.

    don't tell Shafraaz,
    but the raw steel does look good ;-)

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