Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A World in Colour with Eco Spec Paint

Our home interior is now coated in Benjamin Moore Eco Spec Paint!

This low odour, zero VOC paint is truly amazing. It looks gorgeous and doesn't noticeably off-gas. In fact, I can't believe it is interior house paint! I have allergies and am very sensitive to smells; I don't handle perfumes, colognes, or floral scents of any kind and paint fumes make me ill. However, I'm happy to report that I haven't noticed any discomfort or lingering scents in the air at all during house visits to view what the painters had completed each day.

It's amazing to watch these lifeless walls become so animated by the paint. Even the white primer had me all excited  ;-)  At last, our house is slowly becoming a home... now it just needs some guts and clothes!


  1. Love the Orange!

  2. Thanks Alan! Hope you & Sam will visit! And BTW, it's the guestroom/library! ; )

  3. The orange is awesome - even better in person. Have to admit I love it too.