Monday, July 25, 2011

Progress. Peel and sticking. With Help!

Tiffany & Levi looking busy.

Yay! Canopy is peel & sticked!

I re-did the peel and stick around the large
windows, as I found a leak in the heavy rains.

Tiffany and Levi dropped by today to help!  We accomplished a good deal of peel and stick fixes.

First, we tackled the chimney flue enclosure, which has leaked in strong wind and driving rain. I poked my head in the chimney stack, and it appeared water was finding its way in between the fascia of the roof and the top of the OSB sheathing of the stack.  The tyvek and red sticky tape didn't work to keep this water out.

Also, we peel and sticked the top of the large west facing windows.

And finally, we peel and sticked the top of the front door canopy.

And finally, it was a hot, dry day. I've had quite enough rain already!


  1. P.S. And we were lucky enough to see the golden eagle fly right above us! What a sight.

  2. Hello Shafraaz and Serena,
    You are making great progress.
    I thought you might be interested in this blog on the website. It relates to water infiltration.

    In Comment # 5, Robert Riversong mentions the benefits of overhangs.

  3. Thanks for the link to greenbuilding advisor! As an architect, we need to revisit all of these ideas- especially when it is a personal project! [That is why we do peer reviews at our studio]...