Sunday, July 10, 2011

Work bee!

We had a very successful work bee today! I had lots of help with putting up strapping on the outside, peel and stickin' the last two windows and chipping mortar off the old brick. Chris, Robert, Zoie, Doug and Philip all came by to help!  And they all braved the muck and rain and mosquitos. Troopers! Thank you for helping out!

Doug & Zoie working away! They didn't even take a break!

Robert & Philip strapping the wall.
I wish we did this months ago.

Philip peeling and sticking!

A nice stack of brick for behind our fireplace.

Many hands make quick work.


  1. Any bricks left to do Shafraaz???

    Have you checked out the mystery hole yet? There was a coal mine immediately below where your house was - that you know from the old photo with the young man bringing up coal to the old house. Did you check with the City regarding the old coal mines there?

  2. Is coal mining part of the Net Zero Plan?

  3. Zoie: Yes, still lots of bricks to chip mortar off!

    And I'm not sure exactly the coal mine location, but being close to the top of the river bank, I suspect there are many little holes, crevices and seams that allow the water to flow down.

    I will see if I can find someone at the city who might know a bit more...

  4. Jim: No, coal is not part of our energy input! LOL.

    In fact, I take great delight in how our house sits on top of what use to be a coal pit/mine and how directly due east and due south of our house are refineries for carbon-based fuels.