Monday, October 25, 2010

What? Snow? Now? Can't it wait till I have a roof?

The stair opening edge beam being placed.
Joists now placed! Ready for plywood sheathing.
The framed view of Adar's room.
Muddy. Messy.

It snowed today.  A very wet snow.  On Adar's birthday. I was fearing the framer wouldn't show because of it, but I was proved wrong!  Yay- the joists above the ground floor were placed! And so much for a nice clean concrete floor on the ground floor.  How in the world do we ever get that cleaned up?  And when?


  1. Things seem to be moving along quickly, but probably not quickly enough for you - especially with the snow. Does the first floor get fully completed before the 2nd floor goes on?

    I imagine the concrete floor won't get cleaned until it is done? You'll have that muddy mess until the snow really sets in. At this point I would imagine it would be better to have full fledged winter and snow! Better than the mud tracked in I would think.

  2. The first floor only gets framed up, including the interior walls. We will only start the finishing work when the roof is on and the windows are in place.

  3. I noticed that you found a use for the ends of wooden I beams - walkway slabs.