Monday, October 4, 2010

What Geocaching Fun!

Our house has been honoured with a geocache!

"Net-0" on the River (GC2FQWN)  This cache was set up by Sara and Grant as their very first cache!

Geocaching is a great and flexible outdoor activity which I highly recommend. Whether you're out for some solitude or with the family, there are a multitude of easy and difficult caches to find here in Edmonton... and all over the world. Often geocaches bring you to great locations, some bring you to historical locations, some have specific themes (like Harry Potter), and others are designed to create a challenge. Really, there is something for everyone.

From the official website at

"Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game played throughout the world by adventure seekers equipped with GPS devices. The basic idea is to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, outdoors and then share your experiences online. Geocaching is enjoyed by people from all age groups, with a strong sense of community and support for the environment."


  1. Cool!

    I've been interested in geocaching for several years (since an article in Home Education magazine). We've never done it though. Don't have a GPS. Thanks for including the video.


  2. Hey Serena! We'll try to come and do the geocache when we're looking at your place on the weekend (hopefully that happens).
    I'm TinyLion!Jason is grimpeur67.

  3. Hi Kelly, lol... I'm laughing at myself because I almost responded to your comment without realising who I was talking to! Now way-- you geocache, that's so cool!

    Hey, you're letting that Jason get ahead of you!

    I haven't been out geocaching much this summer, but I went today to find this one. It's a nice hide, not very difficult.

    I'm flattered that someone thought to geocache our house and even linked it to our blog; that was a very nice touch. Unfortunately this means I can not place a geocache on my property. I was thinking it'd be fun to do an over-sized one or a cleverly disguised one. I'll have to turn my sights onto other endeavours... like *my* first hide *elsewhere*

    Can't wait to see you guys,
    Serena aka Leaf Litter

  4. Hi! Sara & Grant here (CMD&CTRL) Glad to hear you like the cache! We were very surprised to find your Log entry!

    Incase you missed the mention of who we actually are in relation to the property... it was grant's grandmother who owned the old house! We spent one of the coldest days of last winter in there hauling out her last few bits and pieces (piano, old clawfoot tub, work benches etc) and reveling in the joys of 17 layers of wall paper! It's very exciting to see what you're doing with the property, but grant still finds it a bit strange to look at the pictures and see the old garage standing off to the side.

    I dont think you should hesitate to do an oversized cache at all! our little cache is more about the hunt.. and less about the loot.. you could do a pretty awesome oversized cache, perhaps even with some info on your house etc! GO for it! Plus, its fun to nail two caches close to eachother! its like a bonus :) Heck if you're interested we could even join forces.. our hiding spot has plenty of room for a larger cache!

    Looking forward to watching the house develop!

  5. Oh my goodness, no, I did miss the info of who you were in relation to the house. I think it's because I'm not great with names and, ooops, often skim them over. I noted the cache comment on it being Grant's grandmother, but failed to notice "Sara and *Grant*." Sigh. So silly of me really.

    That's very cool that you're following the blog. And I'm glad you're commenting. I can't begin to understand the complexity of emotions in watching your grandmother's home disappear and a new building emerge. I hope you guys like what you see in the end.

    The garage will stay for a while and we hope to rebuild it to bylaw in five years.

    I only counted 7 layers of wallpaper, but, since the stories are that the house was wallpapered every year, I believe you! lol, did you help with any of that wallpapering?!

    About the cache... I can't put a cache on the property with yours so close. Each cache needs to be a minimum of 528ft apart. But no worries! It's really cool that you guys did a cache here... and it's a fun container and nice log book ;-)

  6. Hi Grant's mom here. Love to watch the blog and see the progress of the house(home). Just a little info so people will know that my father-in-laws family were the only other property owners of that land your new home is on since 1923(87 years). Just a little bit of info. and looking forward to keeping track of your progress. I am very excited for you all.

  7. Thanks Grant's Mom! Actually a historical post is long over due and I'll be getting on that in the next little while. We were given 4 or 5 historical photos (house, original owners, and Griff with goats) that I'd love to share on the blog. Do you think there would be any objections if I posted them?