Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Backfill complete. Almost. Kinda' sorta.

The blunt coal scoop I used to scrape away some mud.

We called back Gary Carter Excavating to backfill the basement walls.  So, the big hill of silty-clay is now reduced to several small piles of dirt/clay.

I learned a lesson:  do not get the excavator on site when it is wet/raining.  There is much dirt/mud to scrape off the sidewalk.  I'm gonna' have to bring out the metal shovel and ice scraper to deal will a muddy sidewalk

Another lesson: tell the bobcat operator not to get too close to the basement wall!  There are a few more gashes to the Platon membrane that will need to be sealed.

And finally, peel and stick doesn't really stick that well to concrete. We'll have to find something to adhere this back on.

We have left some dirt stockpiled on site in anticipation that the ground will settle around the house. We will use the stockpile to bring up any settled areas and then we will complete the final grade.
Yet another repair required to the membrane.


  1. Some people cut PWF Plywood into strips which they Tapcon to the foundation at grade. This protects the top of the platon from damage.

  2. Where were you 5 months ago? ; ) That is a great idea.