Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Doors Open! & Rainbows, too.

Ok, here's you last chance to just wander into our house without a personal invite!

We're on the Doors Open Edmonton tour this Sunday, July 8th~ so you can visit us from 1pm to 4pm.

Here are the details:

I'm part of 2 events:  Search for "Speakers Studio" where I will be talking about our house construction process and our open house is listed as "Beverly Heights Net-zero-ready House"

And after that, I think we'll take a breather from the public realm.  And perhaps finish our landscape and fencing work. And sidewalks.

And here are some rainbows and dramatic skies we saw last week:

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  1. We had approximately 65 people for the Doors Open tour. And that was just right, as it was only Serena and I guiding people through the house. Phew! All done for tours for a while.