Thursday, July 12, 2012

Concrete sidewalks! Finally!

Yay! A mud free way to get to the front door!

After months of hoping, planning and calling people, and almost doing it ourselves, we finally have concrete a sidewalk and pads at our doors.  Our friends a Pinnacle Soils ended up doing this work- and looks good.

They even found a piece of petrified wood as they were moving around dirt on site.

Now, hopefully we'll get some black dirt and start on our perimeter "raised bed" fence!

And a pad at the basement door. I'm hoping to find a creative
way to connect this to the main sidewalk. Pavers? Logs? Perhaps
even ancarbonized wood boardwalk?

We will connect the back door with pavers. Or something.

While moving dirt around the house, our site work crew found a beautiful
piece of petrified wood.


  1. Looks nice! How is the drainage working out this year with all the rain we have been getting? Did you solve the problems with the basement window well by the back door? Stay dry.

  2. Hey Philip!
    We're stayin' dry! The drainage is good! We had our rough-grading guy make a bit of a swale around the house and it carries the downspout water away from the house. No more water pooling dangerously at window wells. I should make sure none of them are plugged though!