Sunday, November 6, 2011

Get the fire goin'!

It's now cold enough to start up our wood fireplace. Last night, it was -8 C, and -11 C the night before.

The house has been comfortable on the loft and 2nd floor.  It was +23 C on the loft floor and +21C on the 2nd floor, just from our solar gain/heat retention. We haven't turned on any electric baseboard heaters yet, partly because I haven't had time to wire them up! But a bit chilly on our main floor where we sleep, only getting to be 16 C. Serena made me get one of our plug-in heaters for the bedroom a couple nights ago.

So, we started up our wood fireplace and were amazed how much light if gave off from the flames. Adar pulled up his rocking chair to it, to read by the fire.

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