Sunday, November 27, 2011

Baseboards, baseboard heaters, web boxes, guardrails and other details.

I've been quite delinquent in posting of late! It's getting harder and harder to post, as I spend ever spare minute unpacking, cleaning, moving, and installing things. There is still a long, long list of things to do.

Last weekend, we had our first true test of how comfortable the house is when the temperature goes down to -20 C.  It did fairly well- never dropping below 16 C inside without any heat on.  On a sunny day, it would hit 22 C inside, again without supplemental heating. We mostly used the wood fireplace to get the house comfortable. I had also just barely wired up the baseboard heaters in our bedrooms. Phew!

Got these baseboard heaters installed just in time.

Clifton configuring the web-box to our internet line.
One of the nice things is that Clifton from Great Canadian Solar hooked up the web-box to the inverter, so we can view/post our daily power generation!  You can see it by clicking here. 

So, we'll endeavour to keep everyone posted on how well the system is working. 

Another milestone was that we finally finished all the guardrails! Yay! So, here's Dan loading up the very last guardrail for the stairs!
Now it is much safer running up and down. Hooray!


  1. Hey!! We chatted a bit online when we were in Edmonton. It turns out my Dad got sick and we moved back to Ontario. Now we will likely be building again and we are trying to find alternative ways to build our new home. I can't seem to find your email again, but would love ideas. I will be looking back at your older posts and checking out your links for ideas to build here in Ontario. Thanks for having this blog. Too bad we didn't make it to your open house when we were still there.

  2. Hi Sheri, I left a comment on your blog!