Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend work frenzy!

Igor adding blocking to support a light.
It was a busy weekend at the house!  My friends Eleanor and Leendert helped with insulating, and Matt, Nigel and Derek were getting the house all wrapped with Tyvek. And Igor and Joe made good progress on the electrical rough-in. On Sunday, Zoie & Doug helped scrape the remaining ice out of the main floor. Derek was also around to install the steel posts for the guard rails and started on the blocking for the closet doors and washroom accessories. And the electricians were back to continue on. So, lots of work! But we barely made a dent in the insulating scope!

Joe adding a junction box for the fan.

Freshly installed pot lights in the loft ceiling.
Post for railing. Slightly askew. Doh!

Lots of insulatin' left. As far as your eye can see.

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