Monday, February 21, 2011

This week's progress: More insulation! Passed rough-ins!

Plumbing stack passed!

It was another good week of progress at the house. We passed the electrical rough-in inspection as well as the plumbing stack inspection! Yay!

There was also a good amount of insulating done with lots of help. Thanks go out to Nadir- my enthusiastic friend who helped me on a chilly Sunday! And Nigel who wanted to work the weekend!

My electrician can do long division!

Stair niche #2 and look, wall cavities are filled with insulation!

Stair photo niches framed in!

The white tube is for the PV power conduits!
Left over wood was used for blocking for cupboards!

Sunset #1.

Sunset #2 a few moments later!

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  1. Beautiful sunset and great to see things coming along so well ..!